Where you are treated as a human & athlete, not a commodity.


Contract Negotiation

We will get you the best deal. At The Agents, we pride ourselves on sourcing and negotiating the best possible contract outcome for a client. Our experience in the professional sporting environment accompanied with a detailed knowledge of local and overseas markets allows us to place athletes in the most ideal location. Our network of contacts across the globe ensures that all opportunities will be explored on your behalf. Every week The Agents are in contact with clubs in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Japan. Our team of experienced, successful and ruthless negotiators have a combined 60+ years experience in international contract negotiations meaning you get the best deal, every time. 

Carving out Your Pathway

Because we have walked the path, we know the path. The Agents will design you a specific Program Pathway and support you along the way to help you achieve your goals. With access to Test Level Player Mentors, the very latest S & C and the world's best coaches, we will help you maximise your potential. 

Post Career Preparation

We provide our Athletes with unparalleled access to business through our partnership with Strike Capital. This allows direct exposure to a variety of industries from fitness to finance.  We also have the relevant connections with universities and other training institutions to guide you to the right education. 

Sponsorship and Appearance Opportunities

We have a proven track record of procuring sponsorship deals for our clients including apparel, sporting goods and commercial endorsements. 

Life Management & Professional Services

We take a holistic approach to our athletes, involving ourselves in day to day routines ensuring that our clients have the greatest possible support ensuring they only have to focus on their current playing opportunity. We have long established partnerships with Professional Services firms including Financial Advisers, Lawyers and Accountants.  You are in safe hands with The Agents. 

Player Welfare

At The Agents, we know just how hard the professional playing environment is, we understand the tough nature of the daily grind and what it takes to not only survive, but to excel throughout the highs and lows of professional sport.  We are passionate about player welfare and we know the importance of a healthy mind and a well-balanced life for emerging and professional athletes. Through our network we have access to the best possible support for mental and physical health.